Founded in 1827, the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) is one of Scandinavia’s largest institutions of higher education and Sweden’s first polytechnic. The main campus is located in the district Östermalm in the north of the city center of Stockholm. The Borggården shown on the picture can be found at the southern end of the main campus and is surrounded by the main lecture halls. However, most of the lectures in physics are held at the AlbaNova University Center at the northern end of the campus.

KTH Campus

KTH Campus

At KTH (pronounced [koːteːho]), I am enrolled in a double degree programme in the school of engineering sciences. This means that the courses I hear during my 18-month stay in Stockholm will be recognised at my home university TU Darmstadt and vice versa, eventually leading to two diploma in the field of engineering physics. The lectures I chose, focus on biomedical physics, thus the application of the laws of physics within the fields of biology and medicine. Additionally, I will attend Swedish language courses up to the level B1/B2.

Within my first days in Stockholm I could experience a university full of colourful traditions, modern teaching methods and cohesion and commitment of students. Thanks to the tekniska högskolans studentkår and the fysiksektionen we could attend to so called gasques, dinner parties organised by students including short presentations and a lot of singing (there is even a 50-page sångbok for the fysiksektionen!).

Even though I only attended the language course so far, I already enjoy being a student at KTH – thanks to the many Swedish students organizing the international reception!

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