At KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, I am enrolled in a 3 semester double degree master programme. I belong to the school of engineering sciences and focus on biomedical physics. In Sweden, each year is divided in to four periods (P1 to P4). Thus you have less, but more intense courses. The following is my study plan, which I intend to follow, but which can be subject to change.

2015 2016
Course CP P1 P2 P3 P4 P1 P2
Swedish A2 (summer course) 7.5 glyphicons-ok
Swedish B1 7.5 glyphicons-ok
Experimental Methods in Molecular Biophysics 8 glyphicons-ok glyphicons-ok
Biomedicine for Engineers 12 glyphicons-ok glyphicons-ok
Swedish B1/B2 7.5 glyphicons-ok
Simulation Physics 6 glyphicons-ok
X-ray Physics and Applications 6 glyphicons-ok
Artificial Neural Networks 6 glyphicons-ok
Arctic Science (intensive course) 4.5 glyphicons-ok
Radiation Detectors and Medical Imaging Systems 7.5 glyphicons-ok
Complex Systems 7.5 glyphicons-ok
Project Work in Biomedical & X-ray Physics 15 glyphicons-ok
Radiation Therapy 7.5 glyphicons-clock
Applied Bioinformatics 7.5 glyphicons-clock

glyphicons-asterisk Planned – glyphicons-clock Ongoing – glyphicons-ok Completed