Reindeers in Skansen

Reindeer in Skansen

Scandinavia’s wildlife and nature is different from the one on the continent. The most obvious difference is its endless area. Especially in northern Sweden, but also in the north-west of Stockholm, an area called Dalarna, one finds hundreds of kilometers of untouched forests and meadows. Among the typical Scandinavian animals are elks, wolves bears and reindeer. The population of elks in Sweden is around 400,000 and is constant each year, even though 100,000 animals are shot in every autumn.

Although it is difficult to see one of these animals in wilderness, they are kept in the zoo-like outdoor facility Skansen in the center of Stockholm, on the island Djurgården. Additionally, Skansen hosts several ancient Swedish houses as well as a church. Kungliga Djurgården is Swedish for royal game park, as already back in the 18th century wild animals were kept there for the king to hunt.