Tyresta NationalparkWhen a friend of mine was once asked what his favorite place in Stockholm would be, he instantly replied “Tyresta” – and I totally agree with him. Tyresta Nationalpark is a national reserve in the south of the capital city. It is a 20 km2 large area with deep forests and beautiful lakes. A widespread net of hiking and cycle trails together with camping sites attracts many of Stockholm’s citizens to spend a relaxing weekend in the nature there.

Sweden’s allemansrätten allows everybody to stay and even camp in most of the parts of the country’s nature. For good reasons this is not applicable in nature reserves in order to preserve the wildlife there. As a consequence, Tyresta offers many camp sites with fireplaces and wind shelters where camping is exclusively allowed. And instead of free WiFi, you will find free firewood there! Perfect conditions for a great hiking trip.

Tyresta Brandområdet

Tyresta Brandområdet

Open fires aside from official fireplaces are forbidden due to the risk of a forest fire, which is obvious in Tyresta. It was in 1999 when a large fire burnt down 10% of the national reserve’s area, leaving a sparse landscape that is still present today as one can see on the picture above. But irregardless of this, we met many many people that still did not stick to the rules.

Tyresta NationalparkTyresta can easily be reached from Stockholm by public transportation. You can take the bus to Tyresta by, Nyfors or Tyresö kyrka to go directly to the border of the national reserve and start your hiking trip. Maps are available online for free. So what are you waiting for?

We started our trip at Tyresta by and slept in a tent at the bank of Långsjön. On the next day we walked to Nyfors where we took the bus back home. Even though it was already quite cold during the night we met many people at the camp site. Nevertheless, at Tyresta you will always have the possibility to see a vast area in front of you without anyone except for trees and animals.

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