Did you know that Stockholm’s largest public art gallery can be found underground? The 110 km long metro system of the capital city consists of 100 stations of which more than 90 contain some kind of art installations – all arranged by national and international artists. Apart from stations featuring sculptures and artworks, the most beautiful stations are the so called grotto stations, where the irregular structure of the subterranean stone has been decorated by the artist.

If you want to discover the metro, which is called tunnelbanan in Swedish, I recommend to start at the station Kungsträdgården and take the blue line heading to the central station. You can also take part in free metro art walks organized by the local traffic organization.

In this series of posts I want to show you my favorite stations of Stockholms tunnelbana. Last time we stopped at Rådhuset and T-Centralen – today we take another step on the blue line to its last stop at Kungsträdgården.



Kungsträdgården is the royal yard located in the city centre of Stockholm. It is a nice place where you can find cafés and concerts in the summer and an ice skating rink in winter – and below, there is again a beautiful metro station. As the 91st metro station of the city, it is comparably new and opened in 1977. It displays relics rescued from the redevelopment of the city center in the 1950s and 1960s.

For me, it is the most beautiful station of all as the bedrock is only painted on the ceiling and very well-integrated with the historic sculptures displayed. When you are there, take your time to look around, you can even find a natural waterfall there. Nevertheless, the station is not very frequented as the central station is very near and for most passengers it is faster to walk. Though it is a nice spot to visit.

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