An aurora borealis is one of the most impressive things I could ever witness. Caused by energetic particles emitted by the Sun, they are visible during the night in areas close to the poles. On our trip to Kiruna, we were so far north, that the sky was filled with green and purple light going from left to right and back. Compared to the aurora we saw in Stockholm and Dalarna it was even more impressive to see the structures change its shape just as the wind would play with them.

In a previous article I covered how an aurora occurs and how you can take pictures of it. So this time, I will leave you with the impressions we brought from Swedish Lappland.

The next article in the series about our Lappland trip will be about the famous hiking trail Kungsleden followed by another aurora post from Abisko. Stay tuned by following the Facebook page or subscribing to e-mail updates.


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