Kungsleden is Swedish for “The King’s Trail” and it refers to a hiking trail that is truly majestic. Starting in Lappland in the city of Abisko, it covers 440 km through the Swedish mountains along the Norwegian border. Right at the beginning, the Kungsleden crosses the Abisko national reserve where you can find untouched Swedish nature with both wide landscapes and steep mountains.

As we visited Lappland in wintertime, the countryside was covered by a plenty of snow. And because Abisko is located 200 km north of the polar circle, the days were already very short. We started a round trip on the Kungsleden in the morning and returned in the afternoon. Even though the Sun exceeded the horizon only for two hours, we had good light conditions for at least four hours due to the reflecting snow.



One of the most beautiful places was a so called meditationsplats, a place to rest. We had a great view at the lake Abiskojaure and the mountains in the back. In the picture, the lake looks in fact like a river, but it neither has a head nor a mouth.

The northern part of the Kungsleden and especially the city of Abisko are known to be the world’s best place to observe northern lights, as it is located in the middle of the strongest auroral activity and has almost no light pollution, as the next bigger city is more than 100 km away.

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