After two days in Copenhagen, I made another stop in the city of Malmö. Malmö is the Swedish counterpart of the Öresund region and just as Copenhagen it is a very modern city that is impressively clean and friendly. In Summer, many tourists walk along the beach, that was now covered by ice and the sea faded in the fog. The streets were empty and peopled gathered in the warmth of the cafés.

After Stockholm and Göteborg, Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden and is located in the region of Skåne in the south-west of the country. A region that is known for its beautiful coastline in the summer and its important industrial position, accommodating many big Swedish companies like Scania.

In the winter time most tourists have left the city. The only tourists I met were those you will meet everywhere in Sweden: Germans. Even minus degrees and strong fog cannot keep them away from their favorite travel destination. And to be honest, I also enjoyed the mysterious feeling that came when the horizon faded away.