The last day of our adventurous road trip to Iceland had begun. Looking back, it was so far one of the most impressive journeys during my time in Scandinavia. We could see northern lights. We visited caves, volcanoes and an impressive black sand beach. We were impressed by hot springs, a glacier lagoon and geysers. It was a great week up north surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and I particularly want to thank my travel mates for joining in every adventure and making this trip a great time.

But it is not all over yet – stay here for a moment for one last stop and another goodie.

Enjoying the Seaside

island-148Before heading to the airport, we stopped one last time at the shore of the Atlantic ocean and enjoyed its depth. One last time relaxing in the sun before returning to Stockholm. It was a great time with a car full of five people. Even though our shadows might not be there anymore, we will remember the island for a long time.

Finally, have a look at the great compilation of road timelapses filmed by Guillaume. They summarize the diversity of Iceland and the extremes of its nature, that we enjoyed in the last six days.

Video © Guillaume Dickeli

One More Thing…

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